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back to
our roots.

Seasonal Roots began connecting Virginia and Maryland families to local farmers
in 2011 to help us all eat better and live better.

Our founder, Duane Slyder, grew up in rural Nebraska and Virginia, helping raise cattle and horses and grow produce in his family’s garden. Later, as a dad living in the suburbs, he wanted to know where the food he fed his family came from. He learned that most grocery store produce comes from far away and is selected for high yield and long shelf life, not for flavor or nutrition. By the time it reaches the grocery store, it’s typically a week old and well on the way to losing whatever nutrients and flavor it had. Plus, all that long-distance transportation produces more greenhouse gases.

So Duane recruited a team of like-minded people to create SEASONAL ROOTS. Together, we support local family farmers and artisans who use sustainable practices – practices that are less about short-term profit and more about preserving the land and the environment for future generations. They’re the folks we partner with. They grow the most flavorful, nutritious produce. They humanely raise happy, healthy animals for meat, eggs, and dairy. And they hand-make delicious, all-natural artisan fare.

We believe in supporting sustainable agriculture, defined by the USDA as "the production of plant or animal products using techniques that protect the environment and the welfare of humans and animals." Some of our farmers are certified organic by the USDA. But many small family farms cannot afford to become certified. Plus, certified organic farmers are not required to implement eco-minded principles – organic does not equal sustainable.

It can be hard for the average person to figure out whether something was produced sustainably. You have to know the farmer. Well, we get to know our farmers. And because we’re local, our farmers are able to pick at the peak of ripeness, then we’re able to home-deliver within a couple days of harvest, Dirt to Doorstep®. That way you get your food while it’s still fresh and loaded with nutrients... and yummy enough to turn even your pickiest little eaters into veggie lovers.

Our convenient home or office delivery is handled by a team member who lives near you, and every order includes recipes that we post on Pinterest. Our members connect with each other on Facebook, Instagram, while our Veggie Fairy Blog provides weekly tips to help you eat better and live better with fresh, local food. We make it easy to re-establish an old-school connection to your food.

So whether you’re a household of one or many, join us as we get back to our roots with food that’s good for you and the planet, from people you know.

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